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VMware Marketplace makes it easy for application developers, architects, platform and digital teams to fulfill their application modernization goals. Find applications that are required to effectively build, run, manage, and secure applications in a multi-cloud environment in one, unified storefront.

Key Capabilities of VMware Marketplace

Access over 2,100+ third-party and open source solutions with complete confidence that they are validated, and ready to go.

Key Capabilities of VMware Marketplace

Access over 2,100+ third-party and open source solutions with complete confidence that they are validated, and ready to go.

Flexibility for Developers

Equip developers with validated tools they need to build, develop, and innovate.

Maximize VMware Platform Investment

Amplify your VMware cloud environment by choosing from a robust ecosystem of third-party and open source solutions that align to your business goals.

Innovation with Assurance

Easily find solutions from the VMware technology partner ecosystem that are interoperable or validated and certified with VMware technologies.

The automation and simplification that VMware Marketplace has brought to configuration has allowed us to build our services around it and, as a result, to expand what we can offer our clients.
- Raffaello Poltronieri, Netalia

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VMware Marketplace enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy validated ecosystem solutions to VMware environments.

VMware Marketplace includes third-party and open source solutions across formats such as OVAs, ISOs, Helm Charts, Docker images and Blueprints. It also includes some first-party tools (see “Published by VMware” in the catalog), featuring management packs, content packs, plug-ins and more.

Yes. Deployable third-party solutions on VMware Marketplace must successfully certify through the VMware Ready or Partner Ready validation programs. Additionally, for containers, VMware Marketplace utilizes a third-party tool called Clair to run security scans to ensure that the container solutions are delivered securely.

Yes. Our catalog includes hundreds of open source solutions packaged by Bitnami, a leader in application packaging technology. Each of these solutions also includes continuously updated versions, and the Marketplace offers the capability for the subscriber to select exactly which version(s) of each solution they would like to subscribe to or download.

VMware Marketplace is available to all customers. There is no cost associated with using VMware Marketplace. However, customers can purchase third-party solutions directly from the Marketplace.

You can sign up for VMware Marketplace by visiting our catalog and clicking on the “Create Marketplace Account” button.

Support for third-party solutions is provided by the publisher. Please check the “Support” section of a solution’s listing for more information.

VMware Marketplace allows you to purchase solutions directly from the catalog. The Marketplace also includes many free, open source solutions and solutions with Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) functionality.

The first step is to Create a Marketplace account and follow the sign up process to register as a Technology Alliance Partner and create a Publisher account. Through the Publisher account you can create a listing for your solution.

Platform Validation provides real-time and automated validation of the most recent version of an application on the latest version of VMware platforms and vice versa, published on VMware Marketplace. Platform Validation alleviates the need for manual compatibility testing efforts, while highlighting interoperability issues real time. Platform Validation consists of two kinds of validations: validation at core platform level and validation at application level. For more information, read here.

There is no cost to publish a solution on VMware Marketplace. However, we do require all publishing partners to be registered through VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner Program. For more information, refer to the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program.

No, VMware Marketplace is intended to span across all VMware platforms and across all our franchises including Multi-cloud, Intrinsic security, Modern applications, Networking, End User Computing and Telco & Edge cloud .

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