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Authorized by FedRAMP: High

VMware Carbon Black Cloud achieved FedRAMP High designation from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

Addressing Customer Challenges

Enforce a Strong Ransomware Defense

Protect your workloads and evict threat actors before they do serious damage with security that is built directly into the virtualization layer.

VMware lateral security understands the inner workings of your applications, allowing you to see all connections and conversations, detect anomalous behavior, stop and evict threat actors—even those using legitimate ports and protocols—and recover quickly by restoring your business-critical apps.

Secure Multi-Cloud Workloads

Workloads are more secure on VMware Clouds. We bring the cloud operating model to security— delivering scale-out, software-defined networking and security that enables automation and consistent security between clouds. 

When security is distributed into the virtualization platform, you see more, so you can stop more. VMware achieved the industry-first AAA Rating for network detection and response from SE Labs, providing 100 percent protection across multi-cloud environments from advanced and persistent threats while returning zero false positives.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

As multi-cloud environments grow in complexity, security teams are challenged with the increasing sophistication and scale of attacks. They can no longer rely on disparate security approaches that leave gaps in coverage.

Modernize your security operations center and achieve new results by going beyond the endpoint to see and stop more with VMware Security. Proactively hunt for unusual network and user activity with threat intelligence and customizable detections. Take detected threat behavior and turn it into a prevention policy so you don’t have to hunt for the same threat twice.

Secure Modern Applications

A 3-tier web application is now 3,000 tiers, and APIs are the new endpoints. Securing modern applications requires visibility and context into how apps are built (CI/CD), and how they communicate (APIs).

VMware secures the full application lifecycle at the speed of DevOps by providing continuous visibility, security and compliance, from code to production.

Secure the Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce has become the new normal. Outdated perimeter-based security models are unable to scale with threats exploiting the rise in attack vectors.

VMware combines endpoint security and endpoint management with network edge security in a holistic solution. This ensures you can optimize experience and reduce risk across connected control points with automation and orchestration. 

How VMware IT Uses Zero Trust in the Data Center

Zero Trust holds the promise of achieving tighter security by only trusting network traffic that is specifically permitted by a security policy. Organizations that follow a step-by-step approach can achieve success.

The process followed by VMware IT (VMIT) to make Zero Trust the new normal for all applications in the data center can serve as a blueprint for other organizations.

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