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What are Autonomous Workspaces?

Learn how VMware is helping companies on their anywhere workspace journey.

Empower Today’s Anywhere Workforce

Anywhere Workspace supports the future of hybrid work by enabling end user environments to become autonomous workspaces that self-configure, self-heal, and self-secure. It utilizes machine learning, leverages data science and automates endpoint management, security, and end-user experiences.

Frontline Workers

Optimize frontline worker experiences, improve efficiency and meet the unique requirements of mission critical device deployments at scale.

Hybrid Workers

Ensure consistent and high-quality experiences for workers from any location, on any device, through ZTNA with remote support, application single sign-on, and more.

Remote Workers

Leverage a modern platform for scalable, secure delivery of virtual desktops and applications across public and private clouds.

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Today’s workforce faces key challenges like fragmented security, operational complexity and subpar experiences. These issues require rethinking how you enable seamless workspaces without limitation. Put employees first – ranging from frontline to hybrid to remote workers – with pre-integrated Anywhere Workspace solutions that deliver secure, seamless experiences while reducing costs and operational overhead.

Manage Hybrid Employee Experiences

Change the way IT delivers end-user services, providing enhanced user experiences that enable consistent performance across locations and devices for frontline, hybrid, and remote workers.

Drive uncompromised performance and uptime, deliver frictionless experiences, and create a culture of flexibility and choice. Reap the benefits of enabling employees to work smarter and better.

Optimize Workspace Security

Ease the move to zero trust with situational intelligence and self-securing automated actions. Leverage continuous machine learning to proactively measure, remediate, and secure your environment.

Achieve broader, more effective security that enables access to any app from any device.

Accelerate IT Modernization

Speed IT modernization efforts by simplifying processes and optimizing workflows. Automate operations to manage outcomes—not tasks—with intelligent compliance, orchestration and performance management.

With operational analytics and consolidated cloud native management, you can increase IT responsiveness and efficiency while breaking down silos, lowering IT complexity and total cost of ownership.

VMware Anywhere Workspace Solutions

Discover a cohesive, pre-integrated platform that offers a range of services, enabling seamless experiences, delivering effective security and automation.

Unified Endpoint Management

Multi-platform endpoint and app management

Digital Employee Experience

Support an agile, remote workforce with seamless and secure access

Workspace Security

Broader security and visibility across all deployments

Virtual Desktops and Applications

Secure Virtual desktop (VDI) and app platform

Empower Frontline Workers

Enable seamless device and app management for your frontline workers.

Mobile Threat Defense

Protect mobile devices from phishing and application, device, and rogue network originated threats

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Build Trust for the New Distributed Workforce

Touch-Free IT

Deliver frictionless experiences, from pre-onboarding of employees to proactive and instant support—anywhere, anytime.

Connected Control Points

Workload, network, device and access controls connect and align to the applications and data being protected.

Freedom of Choice

Support knowledge and frontline employees working in any location using any device or OS for both BYO and corporate devices.

Situational Intelligence

Get authoritative context of your environment and threat intelligence that’s trustworthy, actionable and readily available.

Uncompromised Uptime

Ensure a consistent application experience with improved uptime, whether employees are working from the office, remotely, or in frontline settings.

Workflow Speed and Simplicity

Easily create and deploy complex workflows with drag-and-drop flexibility, saving time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Anywhere Workspace is an integrated platform that puts employees first to deliver secure, frictionless experiences. Leveraging industry-leading end user computing technologies, the Anywhere Workspace increases employee engagement, delivers broader, more effective security, and reduces costs and operational overhead.

  • Unified Endpoint Management – Workspace ONE UEM
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization – VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon
  • Workspace Security – VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel/UAG
  • Mobile Security – VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense

Anywhere Workspace delivers comprehensive security that encompasses user access and app security. By overlaying granular access controls that are simple to configure and easy to scale, responsive security and management policies can rapidly mitigate threats. The intelligent platform employs AI and machine learning to deliver contextual access, regularly evaluate security posture, and quickly resolve threats.

By leveraging threat intelligence about device posture and user identity from Workspace ONE and Mobile Threat Defense, Anywhere Workspace solutions have the distinct ability to measure both experience and risk across connected control points, and then surface it for automated remediation.

It is an integrated platform that leverages market-leading Unified Endpoint Management, Virtual Apps & Desktops, Workspace Security and Digital Employee Experience technologies. It combines Workspace ONE and Horizon with secure access, mobile threat defense and enhanced user experience solutions.

Anywhere Workspace supports the future of hybrid work by enabling end user computing environments to become autonomous workspaces that self-configure, self-heal, and self-secure. It is continuously context-aware, utilizes machine learning, leverages data science, and proactively automates.

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